Thursday, 24 March 2011

And They're Off! - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone, the still at home pacing and worrying while avoiding the non-stop questions from the Tramplings stationary non-roving reporter, Bet, here!

Here is what we know so far....

Richard is taking carbo loading WAAAAY too far
Richard!  You can take food on the trail with you!!!!
ah... too late.  Apparently the Braeburn Lodge is infamous for their incredibly tasty... and HUGE cinnamon buns.  I would have liked a cinnamon bun.  I actually think I could use it as a bed... a very tasty bed.  But no... I'm at home.

Richard drew bib #5 and the Musher drew bib #10.

Gosh... wouldn't it be nice if we had some pictures of the start.  If I had been there, I would have taken pictures, but since I'm at home, there's no way for me to take pictures.  There's nobody there to even get reports on the race, so there's no way to know where anyone is... except....


Here is Richard at the start:
 As usual, the Pretty Sled Dogs are like "um, why are you holding me?  Richard hasn't said go yet, so we'll just hang out here until he's ready".
Another action shot... that really doesn't have a whole lot of action in it.

Here is the Musher at the start:

I think the person kneeling is trying to remove a giant cinnamon bun that the Musher stepped in.  Apparently the cinnamon buns just grow in the wild there.
Finally, the Pretty Curly Tails are off and running
Many thanks to Sarah McHugh for these awesome photographs... and for slipping the tracking device into the Musher's sled so we could track her.

As of 8:43pm (EDT) 24 March 2011, the Musher is approaching Forty Mile.  If you look at the official Race map (courtesy of the Percy race site), you can see where the Musher is heading (click the map to make it bigger):

I hope the Musher and Richard are careful, because it looks as though they are heading straight for a large goat thing after Forty Mile.

- Bet


Susan said...

Bet, I guess you have not had time to talk to Cricket about those "goat things'. I think you might want to seriously consider it.

Barbara said...

Bet, does your ID book have animals other than sheep in it? Look up m-o-o-s-e... :)

Pat in MN said...

Wow - those cinnamon buns look yummy. Love the old piano in the photo background.
Great photos at the starting line - glad that Bet has "connections".
Tell us how the Tramplings are doing.

Jane Eagle said...

I'm on my waqy! I want to live in a place where cinnamon buns just grow in the wild! Anyone know when they are in season?

Anonymous said...

So glad you shared all those pics, Bet! The curly tails look so great. Hope Richard & the Musher have a fun & safe race. Hopefully that extra cinnamon bun weight won't slow them down.
Sitka's Mom Lisa