Saturday, 19 March 2011

More on the Percy Teams - N.B.C. Bet

Howdy ho fans, its Bet, your roving Border Collie Reporter!

Just as I promised, here are the teams that wonderful Richard (who doesn't call me neurotic, or crazy, or a flunk from a top herding kennel) is running in The Percy on 24 March 2011.

Harumpf... I'll have you know that the reason I left the top herding kennel was because I didn't like all of the jealousy from the other Border Collies for my mad herding skills.

As proof, here is an action shot of me at one of the local herding competitions, where everyone cheered at the masterful way I herded this particularly stubborn sheep thing.
Take THAT Musher.

Anyhoo, back to The Percy teams.

Here is the wonderful Richard

And here is Richard's team:


 Bingo is sponsored by: Mary Atkinson


 Bang is on hold


 Billie is sponsored by: LaRita Skipper


Rocket is sponsored by: Deb Custer


 Irving is sponsored by: Mary Curtis


 Herman is sponsored by: Alice and Travis Fitzgerald


 Utin is sponsored by: Mark and Pat Ellinger, with Spider, Batdog and Junior


 Runner is sponsored by: Maureen Zavodjancik


Barq is sponsored by: Cheryl Dawson, Gloria Scheetz, and Laura Slay (Friends of Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue)

As some of you more astute readers have figured out... hey, why only 9 dogs on each team???

Well, there's a reason for that, which I'll get to tomorrow, among other interesting things about this race that are totally different than other races.  Right now I have to go hold down the couch.

- Bet


Barbara said...

Yes, Bet , I wondered why 9 dogs on Karen's team last night. Are you making any progress with your Sheep Identification Book? So far, maybe not? :)

Anonymous said...

;) Poor Bet! I think that large "sheep thing" in the picture MIGHT be a cow.... When it talked did is say "Baaaaa" or did it say "Mooooo"? ;)