Sunday, 6 March 2011

Post Torch River Run Update - Bet

Howdy ho everyone, its Bet, your not so roving Border Collie reporter, reporting here on the couch.

For those of you following the adventures of the Pretty Sled Dogs only on the blog, you must be wondering: "What the heck happened yesterday?"

Yeah, yeah, I know, bad Bet, BAAAAD Bet.  I totally dropped the sheep on that one.  It was just a bit busy yesterday, what with all that happened and stuff, and ok, ok, I'll get to the point.

The Pretty Curly Tails were still pretty tuckered out from the Canadian Challenge race thing, and they just weren't enjoying their time at the Torch River Run.  It was nothing to do with how the race was organized, the Musher said all of that was just fine and dandy, except for that pesky route to Piprell Lake.  The Musher said that she got lost too, but not as lost as the other teams.

The Musher did make it first into Lower Lake Fishing Lake, but the Pretty Curly Tails weren't having fun, and some of the issues they had at the Canadian Challenge were popping back up.  If the Musher wanted to continue on in the race, she would have had to drop Jinx, Tess, See, and Rocket, and that wouldn't be fun for everyone else, so she decided that it was best just to scratch.

Richard's team was running ok, and Astro got mad at me for calling him a race rookie when he was on Richard's Eagle Cap team, so... sorry Astro, you aren't a race rookie... cry baby.  Rather than push his team, and so the tired Curly Tails could get some rest and recuperation, Richard also scratched, and they loaded up the team and headed for North Wapiti.

So, although it was a bummer, it was also a lesson that it takes more than a few days for the Pretty Curly Tails to recover from a race, and that's good to know at least.

Since there wasn't a lot of coverage from the Torch River Run, here's some really cool pictures from the Rail Train race of Richard and the Musher and the Curly Tails.

Right now we're all watching the little cars go round and round on the circle road and relaxing... well, we would be able to relax if Tramp would JUST SHUT UP FOR ONCE!


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Love the sign behind the couch. :)

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...forgot to sign that.


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I love Carl Edwards, he is soooo cute!


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Nannette Morgan said...

I see that Tramp is noshing on Ice Cream and Pickles. To me that means she's expecting little bundles of joy?!!! Fess up Tramp and Bet!