Friday, 25 March 2011

While We Wait - Bet

The Musher and Richard are on their way to the finish line.

I'm guesstimating from the map and the feedback from the alien tracking device, that they are probably just past the big cow on the rock

This means that they'll be pulling into Dawson City in the wee hours of the morning... until then I guess I'll just be hanging out here... with the Tramplings.

Some of you have asked how they are doing.
They never shut up.  They talk in their sleep... just like their mother.

Thankfully, today is INTERNATIONAL WAFFLE DAY!
The Tramplings can't talk when they chew, so its waffles for everyone!!!!

- Bet


Donna Quante said...

I had waffles for dinner tonight Bet---just because of you!

granimar said...

Bet, I hear your pain---I used to teach elementary school, sounds like a lot of 4th graders.

Teanna said...

They're pointy so you can find (without looking) the stirrup you lost when your horse teleported twenty yards starboard when he saw the big cow on the rock.

Border collies rock....and they dance well too (at least the one in our freestyle class does).

Louise said...

I think I want a Trampling. What do they really look like?