Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tramp x TopDog Babies

It's been a long and tiring day, so I'm crawling into bed the second I hit 'post' on this blog - so forgive the lack of cleverness or storytelling!!!

Tramp delivered 4 healthy, happy little babies in the 'witching hours' (if you knew Tramp and her female relatives, you would understand the reference!!!) of last night!!

One black and white male, one black and white female, and 2 light gray and white females.  It took Trampie a bit to figure out the whole 'Mom thing', but she is doing a stellar job now!!!

Much more in the days to come...including the return of the 'puppy cam'!!!!

Tramp and her baby boy

Bet says "WHATEVER! Let me know when they are ready to free run!!"


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!! Beautiful mommy & puppies. How exciting. Can't wait for the puppy cam. Have a good rest!

Anonymous said...

How precious they are!

Teanna said...

Best puppy pic ever: pup in circle of mom's paws.

Birthing pool, good idea. I've used small pools with bedding (often kiddie sleeping bags from the thrift shop) as dogs beds, cheaper than the commercial ones...unless your dog chews...