Monday, 28 March 2011

I'm Waiting - Bet

I've been patiently waiting for the Musher and my personal toe masseuse to return home, when I get this e-mail today:

"We are in Whitehorse this morning with our friends Lee and Tim and their son, Hunter.  Trip is going well.  We had breakfast with the wonderful folks from Skookum Brand anoraks yesterday, then drove out to the Discovery claim to poke around before coming back.

We are going to soak at Liard Hot Springs a bit today if the schedule goes well."

Um... I'd like to point out at this tidbit in the little disclaimer for the hotsprings: Caution: Beware of bears, even in areas where groups of campers are bathing. If there are warning signs posted about bears, please heed them!!

So... bathers are like Bear soup?

The Musher continues with:

"Dogs are traveling home well. A few had wrist injuries on the Percy from the hard, fast trail, but all are better now. Turtle has been nicknamed 'Gerbil' because he won't stop peeing in his dog box and it smells like a gerbil cage all the time. The boy has issues - Crunchie is appalled at his son."

This is Crunchie looking appalled.

It seems that while I'm at home, suffering from the crampy toes, the Musher and Richard are taking their sweet time getting back to the homestead.

I found a map and have superimposed their travel route (in blue) with the alien tracking device route (in red) they are taking back to North Wapiti.
I'm not amused... especially since
I'm not sure how much more I can take.

- Bet


Susan said...

Hey Bet, maybe you need to fake being sick so Musher will provide you with more than the normal loving you have come to know and expect. Have another waffle while you wait.

Anonymous said...

Poor Turtle...but if I was a racing sled dog with the name "Turtle" I might have issues too. Thanks for the great blogs, they keep laughing. bigdogmom aka Barb in Fairbanks, Alaska

Anonymous said...

Bet, you are just toooooooooo funny!
I feel sad for Turtle. That can't be any fun for him either.
I especially liked your map Miss Bet. I hope The Musher & Richard enjoy their trip back home even if it does mean you will have to tend to those adorable pups for a little bit longer.
Hope all the Curly Tails get back home & heal quickly,
Sitka's Mom Lisa

Karen_SanDiego said...

Or maybe Turtle is way smarter than you all think. If he pees in the box, it is his... no one else will want it. Which means Karen MUST select him for all future teams.. Is he capable of that thought... remember who his mother is, the "Evil One" you go Bro.

Wet kisses from Sister Chic-o-let