Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Percy, Pupdates, and Pooped - Bet

Howdy hooooo-boy everyone!  Bet, your roving Border Collie reporter here, and I have to say... Puppies are EXHAUSTING!

I'm sure all of you are aware that Tramp had her litter.  Four beautiful little pups that are adorable little bundles of fluff... THAT WON'T SHUT UP!  They totally have their mother's yammering gene, non-stop, 24 hours a day, nothing but talking.  Its as if they were stocking up on talking points from the moment of inception; "What's that smell? Why does it sound like angry birds and cars are going around in a circle all the time? Does this birthing pool make my butt look fat?"  I finally couldn't take it any more and escaped to my chair for some peace and quiet.
Oh sure, I can't wait until they're old enough for me to herd and play with, but I don't know if they'll ever shut up!

On top of puppy duty, I'm also helping the Musher and Richard prepare for The Percy race, which is only 8 days away!  The Pretty Curly Tails look to be in good spirits once again, and are enjoying the new snow and the trails.  They seem excited once again and that has the Musher and Richard in good spirits.  During their rest, the Musher and Richard have noticed a few Curly Tails that are really coming of age and on their way to becoming superstars!  I just wanted to point out a few of these up and comers and let you know that we still need some sponsors to help defray the costs of earplugs for the house residents so we can get some sleep over the non-stop yammering.

This handsome devil is Rocky!  The Musher thinks that he's going to become a superstar in harness not only because of his awesome work ethic... but because his best friend and mentor is X!  While X has been recovering, he and Rocky hang out in the yard and X gives him pointers.

Rocky use to get beat up by his sisters, but now he's laughing at them with his accomplishments in harness... except he doesn't have a sponsor.  If you'd like to be the first to sponsor greatness, just scroll down to the Sponsor a Dog section of the blog and select him!

This handsome guy is Jack.  Everyone in the yard makes fun of Jack because he doesn't look like the other Curly Tails, so he has a bit of complex.  Look how sad he is!

Because he looks a bit different than everyone else, Jack tries really hard to prove that he really is a Pretty Curly Tail, and last week he was recognized for his outstanding job in harness by running lead!

He was really proud of his accomplishment, and even the Curly Tails started to think he was pretty hot stuff... but if he had a sponsor, that would make Jack really happy, so scroll to Sponsor a Dog and select Jack!

Ok... I'm exhausted now.  Tomorrow I'll tell you about some more of the unsponsored pups and what all is going on in the house to get ready for the Percy.

Right now, I need to do some serious power napping because I have the midnight pup shift.  I should be studying, because the pups want to know why the earth feels like its revolving around the sun and want to know why... but I'll just google that after I take a short nap with my favorite sheep stuffie.

zzzzzzzz - Bet


Teanna said...

Jack is just gorgeous! (I thought of foxes).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful boys! Would anyone be interested in going in w/me & sponsoring one of them? I've got a little birthday money that I could part with. Please let me know.
Sitka's Mom, Lisa(the Columbus OH one)

Barbara said...

Karen, I remember in 2008 that you said Rocky (at 8 weeks) was the star of the litter... guess he proved you right once again!
Is Jack the nephew of Crunchie (and Snickers and Skor)?