Wednesday, 30 March 2011

FINALLY They're Home - Bet

Everyone can relax now, the Musher and Richard are finally home!

Not a moment too soon, as my poor crampy toes were curling under.

Before they got home, the Musher sent me my latest pop quiz:
 "Dear Bet - Here is your pop quiz of the day - what animal is this?  Hint - you get your "paycheck" from a place named after them!"

Hmmm.  I get my "paycheck" from a place named after them....

Let's see, they aren't listed in my "Sheep for Dummies" book, therefore they aren't sheep.

They don't have horns, so they aren't cows, and cows don't pay me anything anyway.

OOOH, I get it!  Since I don't get an actual paycheck (because I totally want the latest Gucci winter coat and matching booties), she must mean "paycheck" as in my food!

Therefore, this must be a pack of Eagles!

Eagle Pack dog food!  The official dog food of the North Wapiti Pretty Sled Dogs!


Anonymous said...

Boarder Collies are REALLY smart dogs, good going Bet - hope your tootsies are getting a great massage RIGHT NOW!!

Pat in MN said...

Hmmmm - maybe you'll have to start reading better reference books - something like "Animal ID for Smarties".

Jane Eagle said...

I LOVE the way that dogs reason!SO direct :-)