Friday, 4 March 2011

Lake Piprell Checkpoint Update - Bet

Your not-so-roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet, here!

I want to apologize for that Kara trick.  You would have thought I had learned my lesson when she sent poor Bait over the mountains to be captured by Sherpas.

We just found a picture of the Pretty Curly Tails and the Musher at the start of the race:

 So we got some exciting news by way of the Torch River Run blog site that said that the Musher arrived first at the Piprell Lake checkpoint!  Here's a link to the current positions (it'll change as the race proceeds), but right now the Musher is in FIRST PLACE!


Apparently, there was a bit of a mix up on the trail, and although the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails found their way just fine, the other mushers took a break on the trail and then got a little lost, so the Musher has a two hour lead on the group!

Now, we don't have the whole story about what happened, but shortly before the team reached the Piprell Lake checkpoint, I got a text message from Rocket saying she found a really cool souvenir from the race that she was going to bring me.  She sent me this picture from her cell phone:
I'm thinking we should probably just keep this between us, huh?



Donna Quante said...

LOL---oh Rocket, doing the bad girl dance.

Bakavi said...

Rocket has been a heartthrob since the day she was whelped...and a really good dancer.

mgailt said...

Just wondering if this is WHY the others all took the wrong turn! Rocket "liberated" the sign! Oh dear, Rocket, what have you done?

The Texas Dust Musher said...

Sign, what sign? Obviously photoshopped --- Rocket NEVER dances!
:::eye roll:::


Nannette Morgan said...

I think she is doing the Macarena there!! lol