Monday, 21 March 2011

And Then There Was One - Bet

Howdy Ho, your favorite Border Collie wonderpup Bet here!

I really do have to come clean about something... and some serious cleaning was needed this weekend when we received the really big sponsorship thingie... and then Charge got sponsored:

Charge is sponsored by Pat and Mel Bach, and Mickie and Kenai

Look at how happy he is now!

And to make matters even better, Mannie got sponsored!!!

Mannie is sponsored by Pat Grant.
Pat, Mannie needs a picture of you that he can tattoo on his flank.  A promise is a promise.

So, after that whirlwind of sponsorship, which totally showed the massive power of the Border Collie mind control I have over the world... well, it was a bit daunting and scary.  Mainly because I also used my super powers to wish that instead of grass, the world was carpeted in tasty waffles with the syrupy stuff in it... and that made me piddle a bit at the possibilities

So, knowing that soon the earth will be covered in waffles, I only have one more wish. One itty bitty tiny wish (except perhaps the waffles had a light sprinkle of powdered sugar), and that is:

That someone would sponsor Odie.  He's the ONLY one left without a sponsor... just look at him!  He's melting into the snow he's so depressed. 

I realize that we've reached into the depths of begging for Pretty Sled Dog sponsorship, but its just him left... LOOK AT HIM!!

If multiple people would like to sponsor him, we're cool with that, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind.  Just let us know.  E-mail that nyquil swigging freak the Cartoonist and she'll set something up:

Tomorrow (I promise) I'll give you some insight into The Percy... like: why only 9 dogs?  What do you mean they have to carry EVERYTHING in their bags?  What will the Musher and Richard eat on the trail because there isn't a Starbucks to be found within a gazillion miles?  What will the stunning and talented Border Collie be doing during the race?

Things like that!

- Bet

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Anonymous said...

I just sent an e-mail to Penny. I'll be glad to sponsor Odie!