Friday, 18 March 2011

The Percy Teams - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone!  Your not-so-roving Border Collie reporter, Bet, here!

Firstly, I want to say how amazed I was at how well the Border Collie mind control powers worked!

Thanks to Mary Halvorson, who sponsored the very sleek Rocky!

Rocky is so excited that he wants to wear his harness full time now, just to prove that he's ready to rumble at a moment's notice!

Also a big thanks to Bubbles n' Bees Soaps & Candles (aka Tammy) for taking pity on poor Astro and sponsoring him.
He's also happy that he can now get cleaned up and smell pretty, since the other Curly Tails led him through a mud puddle the other day.

Ok, ok, I'll get to the teams for The Percy teams now.

The Musher's team:

 (Please note: I'm using this photo because while cruising the Interwebs to see if there was a more current photo of the Musher out there... I found an intriguing little interview with the Musher, where she called me "a neurotic little border collie".  Ahem.... payback...)


Wifi is sponsored by: Tammy Taylor, Marlene Daniels, & Diana Miller


See is sponsored by: Marlene Daniels


Tess is sponsored by: Marlene Daniels


Charge is on hold


 Turtle is sponsored by: Kathryn and Pete Trussell; Frank & Paula Langenstein


 Crunchie is sponsored by: Dana and Judy Kevelder


Q is sponsored by: Donna Quante


 Roscoe is sponsored by: Diane Shepherd and Jackie Phalen


Wolvie is sponsored by: Brenda Potter, Carolyn Martin, Rob and Colleen Wolfe

That's it for the Musher's team.  Tomorrow I'll post Richard's team.

Right now I have to go stare at the Musher (neurotic Border Collie, eh?) and use my awesome mind control powers to make her do my bidding.
You're getting sleeeepy Musher... you want to fix me waffles... think waffles... with syrupy stuff....


Susan said...

So Bet, in what little post did you get 'dissed by the musher? I'd like to read it and see if your payback is warranted!

And about those waffles..If you eat too many you'll wind up on the gangline working off those extra pounds... Musher might make YOU break trail! I'm just saying'...

Donna W, WV said...

It's one in the morning and I'm getting this weird urge to bake waffles??? Anyone else feelin this???!!!!!