Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Dear Snow Gods,

I'm thinking you missed by November 8th post. So just as a reminder...



Leaps and Bounds Kennel said...

We had some here this morning..I ran in a bit of a wet snow blizzard this morning with big wind almost needed my skiing goggles to see the leaders.

granimar said...

We got buried last week [at least for the Dry Creek area], Bozeman got over 2 feet and out at the north end of the valley we got 8-10 inches. Because of the snow cover, we have stayed cold, not over 32 [F] during the day and in single digits at night. However the areas that didn't get snow are reallyhaving a heat wave. Missoula was over 60[F] and Great Falls and Helena in the high 50's [F] yesterday. Not a lot of snow, but the ranchers out my way are having to feed already--wild life is down in the yard looking for bare spots.
I'd share if I could.