Sunday, 22 November 2009

Two Amazing Q Sons

Since Q was Karen's Dog Of The Day we asked Karen if we could add an entry to her blog about our two amazing Q sons -

Kelim's Sirius Black, CGC

Kelim's Golden Snitch, CGC

Sirius & Snitch were born September 3rd, 2007 to NorthWapiti's Q and NorthWapiti's Rainy.

Not to copy Karen here but these boys are exactly what our kennel is striving to produce. They are incredible dogs in many ways: they are hard driving dogs in harness always giving 110%. Snitch is the hardest working, most superb hill dog we have ever had. Sirius & Snitch just turned 2 and are expected to be main race leaders this season. They are already doing lots of leading together and are taking commands, have learned gee over, pass other things on the trail quite well and are just more advanced than most other 2 yr olds we have had in the past. There are exactly what we are looking for in harness. I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised they are leaders, their grandfathers are Grover & Moses!

Snitch & Sirius lining out in lead before a training run at 1.5 yrs of age.

Sirius & Snitch watch us hook up the rest of the team.

Their personalities are something special - cute, goofy but serious, sweet, attentive, smart and just really neat!! Sirius (and quite a few of his littermates) have this adorable trait of holding their paw in the air when they anticipate something exciting (feeding time, before a run at hookup, or during obedience). It's like it's his ready signal :) Snitch is very playful, like a big silly puppy he's always making us laugh.

Sirius, also a nice obedience dog!

They are typey, nice movers and well built with great feet and are excellent eaters! We can't say enough great things about these boys! We just LOVE them! We have even thought about repeating this breeding. Sending Rainy that long way to Q really paid off in our minds! Not only have these two turned out great but the other 5 in the litter (Lumos, Anya, Phoenix, Jinx & Seeker) are also doing great things! Thanks to Mark & Karen for letting Rainy visit 'Cutie Q'!




Kim & Kelly Berg

Kelim Siberians -


BADASmusher said...

Very nice boys!

Laura said...

Beautiful, talented, loving boys from that litter! I should know since we own Seeker!! We are very proud of our NW boy, though not born there! :)


Sue said...

Sounds like our little Kimmi is beginning to show these same personality traits. Maybe because Rainy is her mom?
Kimmi is so smart already at 9 weeks: she goes in her crate on her own when she needs "time out". She has a healthy appetite & has visibly grown in only a week.
She has that "goofy" way about her & makes us laugh all the time.
She's not totally house-trained but wakes me by licking my face around 5 am when she is ready to go out, & she never cries at night & sleeps like a baby happy & contented.... all in all, she is a very good dog and a pleasure to be around.