Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dog of the Day - Hector

Chlout's Hector of NorthWapiti
DOB - August 28, 2001
Sire - Alaskan's Raven of Anadyr
Dam - Alaskan's Baleen of Anadyr
Breeder - Bob Chlupach and Rick Outwin
Nickname - Hec

One of 'The Hs' - littermate to Herman and Hilda.

Finisher of mulitiple Iditarods, Kniks, Taiga 300, Copper Basin,Don Bowers - and a bunch of stuff I'm probably forgetting about.

When Bob Chlupach called in the early summer of 2002 and said he had 3 littermates he thought I might like, I was on the phone immediately trying to make arrangements to get them down here from Alaska. Things lined up remarkably well and my dear friend, Jamie Nelson was able to bring them down to me a few weeks later. I'm am so glad that things worked out so well, for all of the 'Hs' are significant players in our team.

Hector is very much like his brother and alot of folks can't tell them apart. But he does have a shorter tail without a white tip and more white on his face then Herman. He is also a much better leader!

Hec is a hard working, cool dog. One of the cornerstones of my team. He is also well known for starting group howls on my command - a trick that he and I love to demonstrate in the starting chute of the Iditarod.

A very special boy!

Hector has long time, seriously enthusiastic sponsors in Ruth Lloyd, Susan Davies, Anna Conser, and Laura Neville Wood! Go JayHawks!!!

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