Thursday, 26 November 2009

Vet Day

Before I talk about what I'm going to talk, let me talk about what I'm NOT going to talk about 1) the truck 2) specifically which dogs were on the truck yesterday.

The truck is not quite finished, so not ready for it's 'unveiling' and I'm not convinced that the dogs that made the trip yesterday will be the ones that will be heading to AK with us at the end of next month, so no 'team announcements' till that is all sorted out!

Now that that is cleared up, lets get on with the blog!


Yesterday we loaded up the truck with myself, Richard, Mark and 25 dogs and headed to Westlock.

The visit was to get vaccinations, health checks and blood work done.

Richard gets Dasher's weight. For the record, it was 18 kg or 40 lbs.

Hector waits to see the vet!

Vet tech Sarah and Dr.Jackson draw blood from Crunchie.

Flash gets his blood draw done. I told him not to look at the needle and then it wouldn't hurt!

Runner says that he appreciates that we are all watching out for him, but that doesn't mean that he has to enjoy the trip!!

The visit was smooth and no significant issues were found. By 2pm everyone (well, the dogs) were back in their straw filled houses snoozing away the rest of their day off!!

It's back to work today!


husky mom said...

"Working" looks like more fun than "our day off at the vet". Glad all dogs checked out fine. Who was the 25th dog that got to ride up front in the cab?

JHen said...

Glad everything checked out okay. Sure loving the pics of the dogs in the snow.

The Thundering Herd said...

Chuckling - and to think I worry about the havoc of taking six to the vet.

Chris said...

Glad the trip to the vet this year went a lot smoother than the trip we had last year.
I bet that it is a load off your mind. :-)

Husky Howllow said...


Any problems getting blood draws? I've found some vets/vet techs have some problems drawing blood from Siberians ... seem to find it difficult to find the veins because they seem to be deeper than say GSDs.
At least when we had Bailey & Daytro they always seemed to be a challenge.


Bakavi said...

I thought it was also interesting that the vet tech drew the blood and the Doc did the holding.
Just the opposite from how it goes around here. Either I hold the dog or the tech does and the doc gets the blood.

Karen Ramstead said...

Chris - yes, I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when we got past the 'Perryvale' sign this year!!!!

Ron - oh yes, I've spoken about that many times. I wouldn't say that much harder then a GSD but any breed bred for working in warmer weather (like hounds)definitely so.

Diana - our techs are normally the ones taking blood. Most of the techs at Westlock have been there FOREVER (their turnover is very low!!) and they are very skilled!