Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Dog of the Day - Junior

NorthWapiti's Long May You Run
DOB - July 14, 2002
Sire - NorthWapiti's Super Grover
Dam - Alaskan's Georgio of Anadyr

Nickname - June (I know - silly nickname - but I just can't help it!)

Junior is part of the 'run' litter. I always wanted to name a piebald puppy 'See Spot Run' so I built the theme for this litter around that. Junior's name is, of course, a Neil Young song, but honestly where I got the name was from Palmer Shagnoonik's sled during Iditarod. One of his sponsors had embroidered it on his sled bag. I thought it was such a cool sentiment!
His call name comes from the fact that he a beautiful blend of both his parents - beautiful blue eyes like his Mother and a build and marking very similar to his Dad!

For the record, Junior and his mother, Joey are the only blue eyed Siberians in our yard right now!

Junior is a finisher of Iditarod and a bunch of other stuff.

He is a serious and cool dog. Hardworking and pretty much troublefree in the team!

Junior is sponsored by Deb Bok!


granimar said...

Good for Deb to sponsor Jr.----I love that blue-eyed dog. It killed me last year when he was running unsponsored, so I did sponsor him late in January, before the Quest.
Hurray for Deb, Jr.

husky mom said...

For several years I thought his nickname was "J. R." (jay are). I was happy to find out the reason he's called Junior! Nice to have one pair of blue eyes to balance all those chocolate-y brown eyes.

Rob Fradette said...

His sister is cheering him on.

JHen said...

My favorite dog in the yard!

Edana Kennels said...

What about Newt? He has blue eyes too!! Junior is one of our favorites too!

Andi Louise said...

Those are great shots! Love the tongue!!! LOL