Sunday, 22 November 2009

Favorite Things - Eskimo Hooks and Plastic Snaps

Some of you may remember that last year I started playing with using some 'toggles' in my gangline.

The style I was using were nice, but the tugline would occasionally pop loose, not perfect. I've left them in the line, but continued using snaps most of the time.

When I was in Michigan a few months back visiting Nature's Kennel my interest in toggles was again inspired when looking at Ed's training lines.

I liked this toggle better then the ones I had previously tried, but still they weren't perfect for me!

Then I found this -


I've been using these 'Eskimo Hooks' from Nordic Husky Farm Sled Dog Internet Shop for a few months now and can do nothing put sing their praises. They don't jam up with sand, ice up, are lighter then brass snaps, cheaper and so far much more reliable.


In addition I've been using the plastic snaps from the Shop too.

They have the same advantages as the Eskimo Hooks as well as being a break away safety for when a dog goes around the wrong side of a fence post, or some such thing.

Mark and I love both ideas enough that we are switching our training and racing lines over completely.

I just love finding new and exciting things - even if they are just an old idea being rediscovered!


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BADASmusher said...

very interesting. Although it small picture of Ed's training lines was kind of hard to see what it was.
I will have to check it out!