Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Dog of the Day - Roscoe

NorthWapiti's Roscoe
DOB - June 24, 2007
Sire - NorthWapiti's Detanator (Nate)
Dam - Chlout's Hilda of NorthWapiti

Nickname - 'Roscoe P' (as in Roscoe P Coltrane - from the 'Dukes of Hazzard')

One of the 'Hillbillies' - littermate to Billie, Fritter, Daisy (Addie), Banjo (Tidgy), Bubba and Grit

Roscoe is a rookie but you would only know it looking at his birthday, not at his performance. Early in the season I had a few doubts about him, but the tougher the runs have become, the more he rises to the occasion.

Roscoe is easy to find in our teams, as he has a big white 'z' on his back. Very cool!

Roscoe is sponsored by Diane Shepherd and Jackie Phalen

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