Friday, 27 November 2009

I'm Jealous (and rather annoyed)

Tonight the dogs will be dining on Eagle MVP formula kibble (for the main string - Eagle Power for the remainder) followed by a soup of Nova Scotia lobster, prawns and Alaska salmon.

Now I will say, this is not the way the dogs normally dine. Normally their soup is ground chicken based however circumstances just lined up to give them this extraordinary meal tonight.

First off, they can thank whichever of us accidentally knocked the plug loose on our little 'people food' freezer that lives out in the garage. It wasn't caught till too late and a good portion of the food in there was deemed (by me) to be unfit for human consumption including some Alaskan salmon and the 4 bags of frozen shrimp I had picked up when they were on sale at Safeway last week.

For the lobster component of the meal they can thank UPS. Friends Brenda, Rob and Colleen from Nova Scotia had wanted to donate some lobster for me to turn into trail meals for Iditarod. Being that lobster is my very favorite food I was thrilled!!

Unfortunately, UPS dropped the ball (they agree btw and are refunding the shipping costs that my Nova Scotia friends paid - but they aren't replacing the lobster!) and the lobster thawed long before arriving here. It is okay for dogs, but not for the musher, I'm afraid.

It simply broke my heart to dump those lobster tails, prawns and salmon into the soup bucket this afternoon. I know it didn't break the dogs hearts though. I've seen them licking their lips all afternoon anticipating their evening meal!

For the record - Mark, Richard and I will be having either hamburger casserole or hamburger soup for dinner tonight.



Ron at Husky Howllow said...

Aww Geez Karen. Life can be hard at times. Such Anticipation Dashed all to Mush! Them there dogs better put in an extra good performance next time out. Burps and Belches will be echoing around North Wapiti's dog yard tonite that's for sure. Hamburger soup ain't bad, but Lobster Bisque would have been better.

Maybe you should have suggested that UPS make up for their faux pas but not only refunding shipping charges but also replacing the lobster with the live variety ... no need to freeze and thaw them. Out of the trap, into a box and stickem on the first flight out.

Life is full and bumps and pitfalls.

Unknown said...

First, thanks for posting this Karen. This lobster was caught by Rob Wolfe who has one of my Wolvie x Jive puppies and we were all so excited about the idea of you having NS lobster meals out on the Iditarod trail. Now, after reading your blog, I do have one question - have you seen any of your dogs at the local UPS store lately? Just wondering if one of them may have paid off someone at UPS to make sure the lobster didn't arrive in time for human comsumption?

The Thundering Herd said...

Wooo - The Herd is sooooo jealous.

And Brenda may be right. The Herd is very friendly with the UPS man since he delivers their food. So maybe they bribed him on behalf of your crew?