Friday, 13 November 2009

Dog of the Day - Irving

NorthWapiti's Irving
DOB - July 27,2005
Sire - NorthWapiti's Draco
Dam - NorthWapiti's Nahanni

Nicknames - nothing that I can put on a 'family' blog.

Littermate to Bingo, Bang and Bongo. Named after the fictional rock band The Mosquitos

Irving, what can I say about Irving - big,leggy, beautiful, hardworking, but also an annoying headache! He's a bully and takes great delight in picking on and annoying any dogs that he sees as 'beneath him'. And trust me, he thinks most in the world are beneath him!!
Despite that, he makes me smile alot. He has great big donkey ears and they really are the secret to his soul. I can predict when he is going to act out just by watching those big antenna swivel around!

As many of you may have noticed Irving is missing his left eye. In the spring of '08 he had an eye injury that just wouldn't properly heal. He was on a variety of creams and drops. The eye would clear up, only to have it flare up again a month or so down the road. Eventually, the flare ups compromised his vision in the that eye and we opted to have it removed, as they vets thought he might be experiencing some pain from it (for the record the eye was not removed due to primary glaucoma).

It is only humans that see Irving as 'handicapped'. He is the same 'annoying' hairball he has always been! He drives exceptionally hard in harness and has even done a turn or two in lead!

Irv is sponsored by Mary Curtis Horowitz in honor of her Irving!

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