Saturday, 10 March 2012

10 March Iditarod - Meanwhile Back in Perryvale - Bet

Since I already posted that Donna and Richard went to get Tramp out of jail on the Iditarod update, and the only other news I've gotten from there is that Richard is gathering up crates to send to Nome for the Pretty Curly Tails arrival so they can fly back to Willow (heeee), I thought I'd give you an update on what's going on around North Wapiti Perryvale.

First of all, today has been a totally stressful day for me!  All of that waiting for the Pretty Curly Tails and Musher to arrive in Ruby has made me a nervous wreck!!

Here I am worrying in the chair

Here I am worrying on the couch

Here I am going out to check out the perimeter and worrying

I'm so worried that I forgot to put on one of my fabulous winter ensembles
And finally, here I am worrying back on the chair

Look at how crampy my toes are

To take my mind off of worrying, and so I could see and hear my beloved Musher's voice again (I miss her so), I watched the the KTUU news interview with her in it again.  I was disturbed that they edited out the part where she talks glowingly about me... sigh... news peoples.

I was actually impressed by the announcer guy who rightly said that Siberian Huskies are plotting along.  They do!  They plot all sorts of things!  You really have to watch them, because they are always plotting something.  One time the Tramplings tied me up in the bathroom for three hours because they wanted to free run without me herding them... it was horrible (someone really needs to clean under that sink sometime).

My spies captured this moment before the official start:

See!  And this was why I worry a lot!  You never know what the plotting Siberian Huskies are going to do on the trail.

Oh wait... what?  He said "plodding"?  oh.... never mind.

That news dude better check the stats because my Pretty Curly Tails are clocking in at around the same miles per hour as those other not so pretty Alaskan Husky pups. 

I herd them, I should know that my Pretty Curly Tails don't "plod", they sprint jiffy quick all over the place... I dare him to try to herd a Pretty Curly Tail... plod... pffft.

By the way, everyone here is fine... and a new level of Angry Birds came out, so you know what that means.  Sigh

- Bet


Nannette Morgan said...

Bet...I really think your "on the couch" pose shows you doing "doga" not worrying! Thanks for the great updates. You really deserve a lot of waffles on Int'l Waffle Day (3/25) ..hint hint Musher Peoples!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

What a great, chuckle out loud, blog!! I just loved it!
Sitka's(Cols.oh) Mom, Lisa