Wednesday, 14 March 2012

14 March Iditarod - Meanwhile All Over - Bet

As I write this, the Team is traveling with Travis Cooper's team trying to get across that icky ice in incredibly icky weather to Koyuk.  I'm about to hyperventilate.

Oh, howdy ho everybodies... I'm feeling woozy.

This is, by far, the most challenging portion of the race, but we are heartened by everybodies that have made it through safely, and continue to keep all of our appendages crossed that everybodies continues to get past it.

Its been a trying day all around.  We are still waiting for word on which Pretty Curly Tail got dropped.  We are also waiting to hear if the pup will be transported back to the prison near Willow, or to Nome.  Once they get to a certain point, dropped dogs go to the nearest point where the Musher is. 

Richard took all of the crates in the North Wapiti dog truck and headed to the airport to fly to Nome earlier today.  On the way there was a 10-car pile up and all traffic was re-routed.  Not being from around those parts, we hope he didn't get detoured to Russia or something... we also hope he remembers which side of the road to drive on... hehehe, just kidding Richard.

There's so much stuffs and things that we don't know and its very freaking me out:
  1. Are the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails still having fun?
  2. Who got dropped and where are they going?
  3. Did Richard make his flight to Nome?
Its like a soap opera!  As a Border Collie, I can't stand to have things all over the place like this.  Everything must be neat and lined up and moving in the same direction!

Ok, deep cleansing breaths... I'll be fine.

There is one thing that I do know about, and that's the answer to the question we got on the Facebooks!

Fan Eden DasBuck asks:  "Okay so I have a dumb question or more like clarification. The black stick looking thing on the ganglines is that a connector? I know the colder it gets the harder it is to use the snaps so is that what I am seeing? Where does Karen get her gear from? Alpine Outfitters or someone else?"

That's NOT a stupid question Eden, its a very excellent question!

The answer is, I have no clue... ok, just kidding, I do have a clue and the answer to your question is that those black stick looking things are called "toggles" or "eskimo hooks"!

The Musher did a whole blog post all about them too.  Just go here and you will see close up pictures and explanations and stuffs... and things.

They come from Nordic Husky Farm in Sweden (Hi Katerina!).

The Musher gets a lot of her gear from Alpine Outfitters (a proud sponsor of North Wapiti)

What is wonderful about the Alpine Outfitters website is that they give you insight to all the things you need to be an urban musher whether you have been one for years or just getting started.

Plus they have loads of other cool products for getting out with your dog whether it is a sled dog or not!


We have a partial answer to question #2: The Pretty Curly Tail is in Anchorage, we still don't know who.  Donna Q will go bail him/her out tomorrow.

We have an answer to question #3: Richard made it to the airport.

Right now the Teams are 25 miles away from Koyuk and taking frequent breaks.

Since it'll be a while before the Team makes it to Koyuk and we receive further information, I will end this blog tonight with the whole "Burled Arch" explanation.

Apparently its a tree they cut into a sign.  Gosh, I made it sound so... boring.  I was hoping when I typed it out, it would sound way more exciting than that.  After all, it's a HUGEY HUGE symbol of the end of the Iditarod and the famous point that all mushers want to drive their teams under, and yet I narrowed it down to a tiny sentence. 

The first one lasted for 25 years until it rotted... oh my... that sounds absolutely dreadful too.  The good news is that a beautiful tree was found, cut down, sliced and diced and made into the new one in 2000... ok, that doesn't sound very glamorous either.  Its very pretty though!

I better just go lay down and breathe into a paper bag to calm down while you read about the current Burled Arch at the end of the Iditarod, and see the cool pictures of how it was made.  Then picture the Pretty Curly Tails and Musher under it in a few days... cuz that's what I'll be doing tonight.

- Bet


Starla said...

You crack me up! Yes, a dose of humor is needed at times like this. I'm sure the pretty curley tails and Karen are doing their best to get out of that wind as quick as possible and will reach Koyuk safe and sound for a nice rest. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and the info about the gear.

Susan said...

Bet, just thought I would let you know the Iditarod staff in Anchorage think you are a hoot! I sent your musher a musher-gram and mentioned to her how happy I was you are writing her blog. The lady on the phone just cracked up and said something about that dog being just too funny. Maybe you should be Karen's manager next year so you too can come to Alaska. How much fun would that be, staying at Donna Minion's, caring for those who do not make the team? You might even get a cool collar with your name on it.

Take a break, eat a waffle, relax on the cloud- tomorrow will be another busy day for you I am sure.


Anonymous said...

Bet, you better pass me that paper bag, 'cause I'm feeling a little antsy too!!