Friday, 23 March 2012

Meanwhile Back In Perryvale - Bet

Sigh, Howdy Ho everybodies.

Its your still waiting for the Musher and Richard to return home stuck at the house not reporting on much of anything non-roving Border Collie, Bet here.

I gotta admit, I'm a bit in the doldrums because all of the excitement is over, there's nothing really to report, or do, except look forward to the Musher coming back home and get some much needed crampy toe massage from the master of all things crampy and massagy, the one and only Richard.

Right now Musher Mark is at work, the remaining Pretty Curly Tails are playing food bowl soccer (Rocket is refereeing, and X is all mad because they are using his house as the goal while he's trying to sleep in it and doesn't appreciate getting smacked on the head with a food bowl while everyone cheers).  Cricket is out on patrol... as usual, Bait and Tic are hunting for small woodland creatures, and I'm all alone.

Yes, ALONE! 

You're probably asking yourself: but what about the herdy bunnies? 

Yeah, about that... well, don't be mad at me, but they seemed to get very agitated when the big Iditarod race was over and had nothing to do.  Fights started breaking out, they got into the wine collection, some of them broke into the post office/store and an Easter display was vandalized...

"Someone" left out a print out of the American Herding Breed Association calendar of events, and the next thing I know they're gone.  I'm pretty sure all 67 of them forged their entries into the competition.  I just wanted to give Ms. Jenny a head's up in case she ran into them at one of the competitions... watch out... they cheat and can't hold their liquor.

The good news is that my box arrived from Alaska.  My personal shopper, Heather Minion, took some time after the Iditarod started and got me some pretty things for my ensemble collection.  Don't worry, I also had Heather Minion pick up some gifts for the others as well.

For Cricket I got this cool bed

Since the Musher planted flowers in the flower pot (I know, how silly), Cricket could use a new bed, so there's nothing that says serious guard dog on duty than a huge dog sleeping in a giant croc shoe bed!

For the Musher, I got this:

I know, the picture is a bit out of focus, but its Moosetard!  Get it!  When I first say it, I thought the word after "moose" was something else, and I wondered "who would bottle that?"  But I get jokes too.

For Musher Mark, I got these sleepy pants

That's all I'm gonna say about that.

For me, Heather Minion (who has an excellent eye for fashion) found this very charming ensemble

Not only is it a coat with a hood, but its got the matching little pants with it!!!  To bring the whole ensemble together, she found this amazingly cool pile of booties to mix and match with it.

They look very fleecy and warm for my poor crampy toes.  I'm not quite sure about the sign... it says $11.95 for a 5 pack... 5 pack?  Is a nose warmer included, because last time I counted, I only had 4 feets.

Anyhoo she also sent me a picture of Wolvie

hehehehe, get it... Wolverine... Wolverine

Oh geez, get a sense of humor Wolvie, I was joking... eesh, finish the Iditarod and now all of a sudden you're all sports star standoffish.

Did I mention that I'm bored?  Guess I'll go run around the dog yard another 500 times until Musher Mark gets home.

- Bet


Anonymous said...

Poor Bet,
Think of how glad The Musher and Richard and all the traveling PCTs will be to see you when they finally do get home. And how grateful everyone will be for your very thoughtful presents. That was really above and beyond the call of duty to shop for everyone. How considerate of you.
Enjoy your peace and quiet...remember Trampie will be home soon!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Bet, I am jealous of the fact that you have a personal shopper! And she has such good taste! Try to be patient a little and before you know it your musher and Richard will be back in Perryvale!!

Nannette Morgan said...

Dear Bet....I'll be thinking about all the nice posts you did this race when on Sunday I enjoy a waffle on Int'l Waffle Day! Warm woofs....

Pat and Mark from MN said...

And when do you expect them all to be back at NW-Perryvale?
Yes, run around the puppy pen and geriatric park a few times.
Thanks for all the posts the past few weeks!

Jenny Glen said...

I'll keep an eye out for those herdy bunnies, Bet. Perhaps your half brother, Don, can do something about them.

Shirly said...

Well Bet I have enjoyed all your posts and laughed many times. So thank you for all your work and soon the Musher will be back and you and Cricket will be very happy

Inge said...

I just on FB the Musher hopes to drive home on Wednesday... Then you can finally relax and put on your best new shoes to show them to Richard! Take care and have loads of waffles!