Monday, 19 March 2012

It's the Cartoonist's Birthday Week! - Bet

Hey everybodies! Yep, it's me again, your non-roving Border Collie Reporter here to fill you in with more important stuffs, I mean it is important stuffs to me because where would I be without these very important bloggy blah, blah stuffs...and things.

So you know how for the last few weeks-seems-like-forever-and-ever that the Musher has been gone and how *I*, your non-roving Border Collie reporter, have been holding down the fort here, blogging 'round the clock and cartooning and facebooking and emailing blah, blah, blah about the I-did-a-race thingie until my crampy toes were all knotted up and hurty (eegads they were crampy) while my personal masseuse Richard went gallivanting off to someplace called Nome to bask in the sun with the Pretty Tired Curly Tails instead of visiting me?

What? You forgot ALREADY?? Sheesh. It feels like it was just yesterday!!
OK, so I have a confession but it is just a little confession. I had a teensy bit of help from the Nyquil-swilling Cartoonist person. Yeah, she did some stuffs....and blah, blah help me keep everybodies informed and entertained day and night and night and day during the windstormy parts and the Wayward tracker parts and all the other parts. Eegads I get crampy just remembering it all.

It was a HUGIE HUGE surprise to me but Helen (smells like cookies) Handler informed me that today is the start of the cartoonist's birth-week celebration! Yep, she celebrates a birth-week instead of a birth-day like normal people but really she's so special and important and all, she needs a whole week!

I have no idea how old she really is but I figured if I put a gazillion candles on the cake I made for her, that would be close enuf. Hope she has a fire-putter-outer-thingie nearby.

So get yourselves some celebratory cake, cupcakes, cookies, candy or better yet -- WAFFLES! -- and leave her a happy-happy message here or on Facebook to wish her a Happy Birth-week!

I'll be here (sigh)..... waiting for the Musher, the Pretty Curly Tails and MY dreamy Richard to return.

- Bet


Pat Schue said...

Have a wonderful birthday week, Penny!

Nicole said...

Wish you a great birthday week, Penny ... enjoy every day!!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday and Thanks for all the hours you spent updating us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nannette Morgan said...

Penny - Happy B'day and thanks again for all your hard work keeping us entertained. warm woofs...Nannette, Binks and Cricket (Wifi's sister)

Bet: this Sunday is International Waffle Day. Don't forget!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday-Week Penny, your the greatest. Thank you for all you do for us arm-chair mushers.

The Retirees Jovo, Mandy Ross and their mom JoAnn

Anonymous said...

Aw Penny, we share another thing in common! It is my birthday week also!! I can honestly say that it has never been hotter, and that's a meteorilogical fact!!! Hope you have an awesome week!!! You do such an awesome job! You are the best cartoonist/blogger ever!
Sitka & his Mom, Lisa (Cols.OH)