Saturday, 3 March 2012

Open House Pictures - Bet

Hoo Boy Everybodies!

Its getting closer to the start and I'm getting very excited.

Just look at the excitement... um, ok that picture is of me resting up for the big race, really I am excited... seriously, I am... no really!

Anyhoo, the North Wapiti Open House was yesterday and lots and lots of peoples showed up to meet the Musher, the Pretty Curly Tails, Richard, and complained about not getting a chance to meet me... sorry about that.

Here is the scenic route to Donna Minion's house

As you can see, its very... snowy.

Just to be on the safe side, this warning was posted... because we all know that Mooses like cookies and bundt cake and will crash an Open House like nobody's business.

So that everyone would know which Pretty Curly Tail was which, their names were written on these sticks and then they painted the sticks so they could find the sticks in all of the snow.

As you can see here, the dogs were very thrilled to have visitors.

Ok, actually they really were... no really... SERIOUSLY!  They like to look all bored and ho hum about peoples visiting them, and then when the peoples get closer... well, then its prime opportunity to jump up and give kisses and leave a few pounds of fluff on them as a souvenir. 

The fans were escorted around and the ins and outs of the race were explained, how the Pretty Curly Tails are cared for and blah blah Iditarod stuffs and things. 

Here is Richard explaining the intricacies of the whole race:

Nome is thataway
A special thing that happens during the Open House is that all of the Iditarod team pups get their official Iditarod collars to show that they are official Iditarod pups.  Here is Wolvie getting his official collar.

oh yeah, I'm da man!
A big shout out to all of the peoples that donated and baked and supplied the tasty foods for the Open House peoples!  Look at that spread!  Of course, had I been there we would have also had waffles, but its a goodly amount of foods and stuffs... I just drooled on the keyboard... let me use Tic to wipe that off.  What?  Tic is absorbent!

Note the Moose attracting Bundt cake on the right
Of course there were cookies, and where there are cookies, there is always Helen (smells like cookies) Handler!

Isn't she just adorable!
Here is Richard discovering that Helen ate all of the cookies... ok, she didn't really.

Here is the Musher signing a copy of the official Iditarod poster that features... yep, you guessed it!  THE MUSHER AND THE PRETTY CURLY TAILS!!!

After everyone left for the day, the professional official Iditarod team goes out with the B string team for one final training run.  They are confident, strong, and ready for the race with Jinx out in the lead!

Ok guys, so this isn't a very good short cut!
um... errr... I'm sure they'll get it all straightened out for the Ceremonial start today... yeah... um.. sure.

- Bet


Anonymous said...

Great poster - where can I buy one? I just checked the webstore and did not see it. Congrats and good luck from Saba (11 yr. old b&w female Sibe - "Go Crunchie!"), Necker (20 week old r&w male Sibe) and their humans in St. Louis, MO, USA! We'll be following you on Facebook and

Nannette Morgan said...

Bet, mark your calendar for March 25th. That is International Waffle Day! Get your peoples to make you waffles...hmmm. Thanks for your reporting!

Pat & Mark from MN said...

And they DID get straightened out and were in perfect form today for the ceremonial start. And the Musher kept them very orderly as we WALKED to the start - and we could hear lots of "oohs" and "aahs" from the crowd as the Pretty Sled Dogs walked by. And then they were off - and Richard did a fine job on the tag sled. Then everyone met out at Campbell field to pack up. It snowed most of the day but was not cold (for the spectators) and too warm for the Musher and the Curly Tails.

Marilyn said...

Love the poster! I'd like one too!