Thursday, 15 March 2012

15 March Iditarod Meanwhile All Over The Place - Bet

Ok everybodies, things are going to start moving pretty fast now that the Team has reached Koyuk!

Here's a quick update on stuffs and things that are going on.

North Wapiti Nome

Richard arrived safely and immediately began making preparations for the arrival of the Team.  He's trying to get a snowmachine to go out to Safety and take pictures.  He mentioned the word "steal" but I'm sure he was just joking... if not we'll be posting a paypal link to "Richard's Nome Bail Money" fundraiser.  I'll bake cookies or something to sell too if need be.

He hasn't gotten much sleep because he's got a lot to do and he also got to see Michelle Phillips come in (congrats to Michelle!).

He found some guy with a pickup truck that will take him to the airport to pick up the crates and drive them back to the dog lot (thank you Some Guy!). 

Then he has to find lots of nice fluffy straw and make the team comfy beds to relax on when they finish.

Then he has to find the Musher's drop bags and sort them and get the Team's food ready to cook up a soup tomorrow (hopefully).

So, he's busy, busy, busy!!!!

North Wapiti Willow

Donna Q is taking care of the rest of the Pretty Curly Tails and will also go into town to pick up the Shaktoolik dropped dog who is....

Yep, its Roscoe.  We don't have any details on why he was dropped (and remember, if it was something serious, the Musher wouldn't have left him alone).  Donna Q won't know until she gets to the jail and reads his arrest record.  Ok, its the vet and official Iditarod paperwork that details reason dropped, vet examination reports (he gets checked at checkpoint, at the checkpoint drop zone, at the Anchorage drop zone, and the prison) and pretty much everything.

North Wapiti HQ

We're just glued to the computer

More Later

- Bet

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