Tuesday, 6 March 2012

March 6 Iditarod - Meanwhile Back in Willow - Bet

Howdy ho again, its time for the behind the scenes look at today in Willow.

As you may or may not know, but I'm about to tell you so now you'll know... just because the race has started, that doesn't mean that Richard's job is over... or even Donna Photographer Minion... there's oodles of stuffs and things to do.

First, Richard and Donna were trying to get to Anchorage so they could fly the spare sled to McGrath.  Richard had spent hours shining it, tuning it up, and making it all pretty and stuffs so they could get it out to the checkpoint.

Now, before you freak out and everything: NOTHING IS WRONG!  This is just a precaution because the trail between Rainy, Rohn and to McGrath can be pretty rough on a sled and Musher.  Being the great supporter of the Musher guy that he is, he's just making sure that in CASE she needs it, there it will be.

Last I heard there was some issues with getting stuffs and things to McGrath because of YET MORE SNOW!  Yes, just when you thought there couldn't be more snow... there it is.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that the sled gets there... JUST IN CASE!

In other news, there has been such an outpouring of concern for the remaining eight pretty Curly Tails back in Willow (Bingo, Billie, Beauty, Casey, Kelly, Top Dog, Runner, and Irving) that Donna Photographer Minion decided to go down to the dog yard and take pictures of the pups to show peoples that they are not only A-OK, but happy and playful and only moping a little bit at not being in "the show"... except when she went down there THERE WERE NO PRETTY CURLY TAILS!!!

She ran back up to her house to tell Richard that something had happened to the Pretty Curly Tails when...

Yep, they're doing just fine.

I'll get you some real pictures of them in tomorrow's update.

- Bet


Shirly said...

I am hoping to see pictures of Karen and the Curley Tails on the trail or at a check point. So far that has not happened. Bad weather we did not get anything of anybody today. All the kids at home especially Irving would love to see. Thank you Bet

djqhusky said...

Those left behind must have thought that since 8 dogs live in the house as it is, what's another 8?!! LOL.

bakavi said...

And did you have a chair to sit in?? or were you relegated to sit on the floor. in your own house??lol

The Texas Dust Musher said...

What's another 8? A full team! Thanks for the updates, Bet. Donna, Richard gets to sweep up the hair left after the twister game.

Barbara said...

Donna... 16 dogs in the house? I think that would do in most of us. :)