Saturday, 10 March 2012

March 10, 2012 - The Iditarod So Far - Bet

When we last reported, the Musher was on her way from Ophir to Cripple... well, she and the team made it into Cripple at 18:09 (6:09 pm) on March 9th.

The Musher points to the Cripple Checkpoint
 After an 8.5 hour rest, she and the 15 Pretty Curly Tails started off for Ruby!  Here is the information about the trail from Cripple to Ruby for your reading enjoyment.

Oh, before I forget, there's been something I've been meaning to post for a few days now.  We've finally figured out who the winner was of a "Guess the Team" contest that we announced on Facebook and our Mail List.  I honestly don't remember if I said anything on the blogosphere and I'm too frazzled to look, but we had a contest... seems like weeks ago doesn't it.  Time flies!

Anyhoo, out of the 20 finalist Pretty Curly Tails, we asked peoples to pick the 16 that would run in the Iditarod... and a lot of people started guessing.  Then after the race started and we announced the team of 16, we realized... holy moly that's a lot of guesses to go through to figure out who won.

So, I assigned it to the Herdy Bunnies, who it turns out can't add, but only multiply (and from what I hear, the Pretty Curly Tail team learned a little somethin-somethin in that arena... wink), so Helen (who smells of cookies) took over and found out that the person that guessed the entire team correctly was....

Drum roll.....



So, we were all like: we wanna give someone SOMETHING for all of that guessing!  I consulted with the Musher Minions because they know everything (well, except for that Cartoonist... eeesh), and they said to put the names of people that got reasonably close in guessing in a hat or something and draw a name.


So we did, and here is the winner of the "Guess the Team" Contest!

I wanted to hold up the sign, but I'm a bit outnumbered at the moment... sigh.

Congratulations Denise.  Just send an e-mail to the Cartoonist at and once she gets your vital mailing information, she'll send you out this commemorative North Wapiti Iditarod 2007 patch!  Whoot!

oooh aaaaaah!
While I should save this for the "Meanwhile Back In Willow" section, I figured everyone would want to know that Tramp posted bail and is on the way back to NW Willow under the parole supervision of Richard and Donna.

I was framed I tell you!

So, after what seemed like a very very VERY long time... the team checked into Ruby at 2:59 pm today!  WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!

While in Ruby the Musher will be noshing from the snack bag prepared by Shelly Lewis!  Thank you Shelly!

So far the team has run 467 miles in a little over 5 days!  Wow, I'm tired and my feet hurt from just thinking about that...  sure could use a crampy toe massage soon :)

Here is the description of the Ruby to Galena route.

Anyhoo, until we get additional scoops and things from Richard and Donna, I'm going to leave you with the song stylings of the Pretty Sled Dogs as they perform in McGrath just for you.  I present with great fanfare and photographed live by Donna Photographer Minion, that beloved and well known song:  "Show me the way to go Nome"

Thank you, thank you, that's it for tonight ladies and gentlemen... don't forget to tip your waiters and waitresses!

If you want more Pretty Sled Dog action and don't want to wait around for more video, you can always head over to the Musher's Amazon link and purchase your very own copy of "Pretty Sled Dogs The Movie" and while you are at it, remember that if you purchase anything from Amazon, please consider using the North Wapiti link and Karen (and the Pretty Sled Dogs) get some bucks for whatever you purchase!  Every bit helps!

You can also purchase the "Pretty Sled Dogs The Movie" video straight from Donna Photographer Minion's site... since she filmed it, edited it and did all of the stuffs and things to make it so you can enjoy the Pretty Sled Dogs all year round (and the Musher gets a cut).

Until tomorrow's Iditarod update...

- Bet


Anonymous said...

NW PCT's -

Do you know how cool you all are?
Do you know just how much you all are loved by not only The Musher but the followers as well?
Do you know how handsome and pretty you all are?
Do you know how much you all are admired from afar?
NW is such a special kennel, there are no words to describe just how special it is.

Thank you for being just what you are ----- A VSK! Very Special Kennel.

Denise M.

Cyber-sibes said...

Thanks fur another wonderful pretty curly tail update, Bet!

jack & moo