Friday, 2 March 2012

Iditarod Info Links (and stuffs) - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

As promised, here is THE ultimate resources for following the North Wapiti Musher and Pretty Curly Tails out on the trail!!!

For those of you new to the following of the Iditarod, I can tell you that at times... it's REALLY boring.  You'll find yourself hitting the refresh button all the time, doing keyword searches in the Googles, cursing, pacing, hitting the computer, and in the case of the Cartoonist... swigging Nyquil.

Rest assured, we have minions on the ground gathering information and things, and we have the FABULOUS Richard handling for the Musher and rooting out good info.  Donna "Photographer Minion" Quante is also there taking pictures and things.  Helen (smells of cookies) Handler is also there, and reports that everybodies at the banquet would meet her and say "are you the one that smells like cookies"... hehehe.  She REALLY DOES!  Heather Minion is also there with AWESOME North Wapiti merchandise stuffs you can buy.

For those of you on the Facebooks, blog commenters, and the North Wapiti News e-mail list:
  1. If we know something, we will tell you
  2. Its ok to post "Wooohoo, way to go Pretty Curly Tails" and encouraging stuffs
  3. Its ok to ask questions about the race (other than "have you heard anything, see #1)
  4. Please don't speculate if there hasn't been any news in a while, no news is usually good news, and speculating on things starts chain reaction freaking out and please note that the Musher's mother is watching and she freaks out easily, and so does the Cartoonist and we don't want to put them both over the edge.
  5. If you find a picture somewhere, please don't steal it and post it unless you have the photographer's written permission.  We will take down pictures that we feel have not been cleared because of all that Copyright legal stuffs.  You can LINK to pictures all you want.
  6. If you find an article somewhere, please don't copy and paste it, please LINK to it, same thing with the whole Copyright legal stuffs.
  7. If you have any questions e-mail the cartoonist at: The Cartoonist (
  8. Because we took off that stupid word verification thing on the blog, the site was bombarded with spam.  To make it easy for everyone to comment, but keep spam out, we've enabled comment moderation.   If you make a comment and it doesn't show up, don't type it again.  It will show up as soon as the moderator approves it to make sure its not something silly.
Ok, now that all of that rules stuffs is out there... here are places you can get good information on the race and be in on the action between naps.

Thankfully some kind soul did all of my work for me and gathered a WHOLE OODLE full of great links for the Iditarod thingie!  This is by far chock full o' good links to get information!

June Price's blog "Backstage Iditarod" has good stuffs

The Official Iditarod site

The Alaska Dispatch

Alaska Photography

For the various "cams" on the trail
Iditarod start

On Facebook:
Iditarodblog is new and is suppose to be covering the race and also has a mobile app (free)

Jeff Schultz Photography (official Photographer of the Iditarod)

Sebastian Schnuelle Armchair Musher


Lauri said...

At football games, we randomly yell "Moose" when we want points. Can I yell it randomly on the Facebook page as encouragement?
Thanks for all that you are doing and I understand the need for rules.

Bet said...

randomly yelling "moose" may freak everyone out, unless it is used to keep the mooses away from the team. You may randomly yell "moose" only if followed by the high pitched squeeling anti-mooses noise.