Saturday, 3 March 2012

2012 Iditarod Ceremonial Start Pictures - Bet

I'm just slapping these up and will continue to add more as they come in, so keep checking back

Karen and Libby Riddles

Richard, Karen, and Libby Riddles

Karen and Richard


Paparazzi (wearing cool hats, eh!)



Karen signing autographs

Karen and Louise Russell of a proud sponsor of the North Wapiti team

a polar bear

Karen being interviewed by Iditablog

Someone wearing an Eagle Pack hat over a NW hat :)

Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food

Close up of Karen being interviewed by Iditablog

Louise Russell of - Proud sponsor of NW
Iditarider LaRita Skipper

Richard and Karen before the start

Donna Quante (Photographer Minion)

Harnessing up

sorting harnesses

Dan Rehak

Heather Minion!!!!

Iditarider LaRita Skipper!

The Pretty Curly Tails are ready to go

Karen and Heather

See and Bang
And they're off!!! Richard is on the follow sled behind Karen


Susan said...

Hey Bet, there's your new best friend..that polar bear. See if Karen will bring it home for you!
Good snaps for the beginning of this event. Thanks.

Kevin S said...

Your Sibes are featured on Bing's picture of the day... "" It is a picture of your team running in the 2005 Iditarod! We are rooting for you this year!!


bakavi said...

so nice.... Donna, you have a happy face!!! Lucky you to be in the midst of this . Go karen...

Dreamer said...

Hey, Bet! In the paparazzi photo, did you notice that one of the razzis had on (wait for it !) bunny boots! LOL