Monday, 26 March 2012

Richard's Brilliant Nome Sign 40 Race - Bet

Howdy ho everybodies!

Its so good to say that, as that means I have something to report!

Since Richard is helping the Musher pack up and get ready to leave Willow for HOME!!!!  He told me the story of his race, so I present to you, without commercial interruption:

Richard's Brilliant Nome Sign 40 Race!!!!

Ok, so the Nome Sign 40 race is 40 miles long.  That would be about all I know about the race.

The Musher was his handler, and she had co-handler Crunchie along who was responsible for driving the truck.
I told you to go before we left
Anyhoo, here is Richard posing for his pre-race "here I go" picture.

His team consisted of:


So, then it was time to start,  Richard gave all of the Pretty Curly Tails a pep talk.

Remember, no snack bags on this trip!

And then they were off!!!

And... they ran....

And it was a pretty day, and nice and cold....

Did I mention it was pretty out, and cold?

Um, they ran really fast.... and... then....


Yeah, a moose, it was a big moose, and it was cranky... and... the only thing Richard had was a rusty can opener to defend himself and the Pretty Curly Tails from the big angry stompy moose!

But... but... he wasn't afraid and he took on that big ugly stompy moose and took care of it and saved the Pretty Curly Tails from certain stomping... and stuff... and things....

... and then he let Irving get his revenge.

... and then they ran the whole 40 miles in 4 hours, which is really fast and good.

Yeah, that's exactly what happened... or something.

- Bet


Anonymous said...

Wonder write up & pictures. Why do I laugh now everytime I see a picture of Roscoe? I think of the "I Did The Iditarod Blog" you wrote. So funny.

Pat in MN said...

I interpreted "brilliant" to mean:
a brilliant musher
2 brilliant handlers (or handler and co-handler)
and 12 brilliant Curly Tails,
all working together in perfect harmony.
Brilliant weather too, I guess.
Way to go all of you!
And thanks, Bet and Penny, for the brilliant report.

Caron said...

Go Irving! :-)

Teanna Byerts said...

Mwaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm beginning to admire anyone who has the hand-eye discoordination (one eye on screen, hand on graphics tablet)to crank out good cartoons with a graphics tablet. I'll stick to paper... ;)

Louise Midkiff said...

Took out the moose with a canopener, did he? Wow! Pretty amazing! Richard's getting really good at this mushing thing. Of course, I like Irving's part in it, too. That's really important.

Starla said...

Bet you crack me up!!! You have to start writing books.