Sunday, 4 March 2012

2012 Iditarod Start - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies, and here we go!

I will be tossing up pictures as they happen, so keep checking back and hitting refresh throughout the day!

Traffic into North Wapiti Willow was a little backed up

Good morning Pretty Curly Tails!

The Musher started the morning with this tasty Maine coffee

Then Helen (smells of cookies) Handler made the Musher this amazing breakfast
Arriving at the starting point

Packing the sled

While I'm doing everything, the Cartoonist is sitting around playing Bejeweled
Hank deBruin

Martin Buser

Dee Dee JonRowe

chillaxin before the race
Picking out the harnesses

Musher ordering pizza... ok, she's talking to Musher Mark

The tracker (good thing she doesn't have to swallow it)
The Musher putting on her booties
The announcers had nothing but wonderful things to say about Karen and her team.  One wanted to go hug her.  The dogs looked fantastic, Karen looked radiant and Richard looked thrilled.

Some pre-race start photos:

I know you will all be disappointed, but Irving had to stay home, and Boo took his place


bakavi said...

OH I need a breakfast maker!!

Jenny Glen said...

Is that a zero gravity chair the musher is kicking back on? I guess you got to take your comforts while you can!

Anonymous said...

We just learned that our childrens' letter is on your team's sled!!! WOW, this is exciting (first time we are participating this way). Have a safe trip, and we are looking forward to lots of updates. Give all those wonderful dogs a BIG hug from us.