Thursday, 15 March 2012

March 15, 2012 - The Iditarod So Far - Bet

Well, this is going to be a combination of Iditarod and Meanwhile, because a lot of what is going on now is part of getting The Musher and Pretty Curly Tails all the way to Nome.

When we last left you, the Team was in Koyuk resting up after their harrowing... ok, honestly we have no idea if it was harrowing for the Musher and Team, for all we know they had fun, but it was harrowing for us to watch the blip slowly moving forward and allowing our over active imaginations to run totally wild.  Especially toward the end when it looked like the team just stopped on the ice and refused to move.  Now we know that the GPS was lost at mile 748.

We found out that the dog dropped in Shaktoolkit (did I get that right?) was none other than Roscoe!

We were also thrilled to receive this post from the Musher early today:

"Roscoe is fine. Just tired and a bit sore. I believe he will go to Richard in Nome and not the prison, but I might be wrong.
See will be heading to Nome without the team this morning. She has had a sore shoulder for the last while and wasn't able to work out of it yesterday.
Q is a question mark too - same issue- shoulder. Will get a vet to recheck him in a bit."

 As you can guess, Q didn't pass vet inspection and off to Anchorage he went with See.

So, when the team checked out of Koyuk to head to Elim, here is the team of 11:


The team left at 9:20... and we had to find that out by waiting for the Iditarod Web site to post it because the Team's GPS is STILL sitting on the ice.

We've sent Richard to try to see if the race coordinators can do anything to get them another one or something, and he said they were working on it, but we all know that Richard's main focus is preparing North Wapiti Nome for the arrival of the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails, but he'll do what he can.

Meanwhile, "someone" started a new Facebook Fan page called "Karen Ramstead's Wayward Iditarod GPS", which appears to be going slightly viral at the moment.  We hope the "Wayward" is found and returned to dry land soon.

Behind the scenes, there's a flurry of texting, e-mails, and chats going on making sure that everyone knows what's going on, where they need to be and what they need to be doing.

Minions are scurrying all over doing this and that and other things... and stuff.

This morning Donna Q went out to feed the Willow Pretty Curly Tails in her PJs, bathrobe, and coat ensemble
 ok... not too matching, but it is a stunning look for dog feeding.  I give it two dew claws up!

Now she and trusty good person Pat Schue are at the Drop Dog Jail picking up Roscoe, See, and Q.

Here is Rosco

Chauffer, take me home to Willow
 What he didn't expect was to being made to wait while See and Q were transported to Anchorage too.

If I had known we were having company, I would have cleaned up sooner
As far as we know, Donna got dressed when she went to get the Pretty Curly Tails.

That's all we know right now! 

- Bet


bakavi said...

roscoe is a pretty boy. so sorry Q is coming home now but.. it is what it is. He did a good job . they all have.

Nannette Morgan said...

I like that Donna was wearing her NW stylish hat with her ensemble. Tre chic!