Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Richard's Brilliant Race Take 2 - Bet

Howdy ho everybodies...

Apparently the Musher thinks that I may have exaggerated a tad bit when I told all of you the tale of Richard's Brilliant Nome Sign 40 race yesterday.


Ok, I admit I may have added a few extra flourishes to the story, just to make it a teensy bit more interesting.

Here's what really happened during the race.

Here is the team that ran:
Rocky and

It was a beautiful day, nice and cold, blah blah blah.

They made it to the Nome sign

Then they turned around and came back through the pretty scenic snowy nice cold day snow trail

And that's when the bear came out of nowhere and Richard killed it with a bottle opener and Irving got revenge

I hope that clears everything up finally.

- Bet


Shirly said...

Well Bet that is two accounts so I don,t know but the pictures are very nice.

SAY said...

You are too cool. Don't let "the musher" squelch your freedom of speech. Would you tell me what position Roscoe runs?

Diana Miller said...

I must have missed something somewhere??? LOL
A bear?? I thought it was a moose. the trail looks great tho///

Pat in MN said...

Well, that just about clears it up perfectly. Or maybe the bear and moose were having a big fight on the trail and Richard brilliantly guided the team by them. And then the bear and the moose were so surprised that they stopped fighting and they all lived happily ever after.

Starla said...

Bes tell the musher to leave you alone. You are the BEST DOGgone story teller there is. You keep us all in stitches. And, forewarned not to mess with Irving. LOL

Tony Torrez said...

Way to go Irving! My boy Lexx would approve!! LOL!

Louise Midkiff said...

Moose - bear - canopener... O.K., got it. Nextquestion: Who gave Cricket a bath?