Thursday, 15 March 2012

15 March 2012 Iditarod - Cast of Characters - Bet

Since we have a LOT more fans following the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails, I figured it would be easy for all of our new fans if we provided an overview of the Cast of Characters involved in the North Wapiti 2012 Iditarod run.

The Musher!!!!

Karen Ramstead


The Pretty Sled Dogs (also known as Pretty Curly Tails)

Featuring The Musher Minions:

Donna Quante (Photographer)

Helen Thorgalsen (smells of cookies, former handler)

Brittany (Briffany Splat) Taylor (handler) with TopDog and Skookum

Simone (falls off of things) Schalk (handler) with Bet

Heather Walls (Merchandise and everything else)

Donna Finner (Booty maker extraordinaire)
I could have used the Mr. Potato outfit, hehehe)

Kim and Kelly Berg (eagle eye knows all Webmasters)
Kelly, Kim, Wired, and Utin

Kathryn Trussell (snack bags, former handler, pizza ordering queen)
Kathryn and Sierra

Dan Rehak (photographer)

Penny Blankenship (cartoonist)

Karen Ernest (all things shipping and gifty)
Karen E is elusive, so here are her dogs :)

Non-Roving Border Collie Reporter

Also Starring:

Richard! (Training, mushing, blogging, picturing, texting, guardian of Pretty Curly Tails and all around good guy with a cool British accent)

Musher Mark (Logistics, holding the homestead down angry birds addict and husband of Karen)

Special Guest appearances by:

Cricket (Official North Wapiti Head of Security)

Bait (Official Musher Mark Cat)

Tic (Lowly doesn’t get a lot of publicity and is bitter cat)

And special guest appearance by:

Wayward D. GPS
Click here for Wayward's adventures

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I hope that clears everything up!

- Bet


Polly Bray said...

I don't believe it Bet! You left Richard's most important job out of his description. "Crampy toe Masseur". Or don't you want that getting out, so no one will steal him from you?

Annie in Illinois said...

Excellent recap, Bet! Dog profiles to follow?

thecrazysheeplady said...

I've really enjoyed learning a bit about the Iditarod and the behind the scenes stuff. Came over from Jenny's blog and now "hooked" :-).


excellent information! Now we need individual pics of each of the Pretty Tails! Tks


Exellent Information! Makes us feel part of the family. How about individual pic of the Pretty Tails Tks.

Bet said...

You can see all of the dogs that were in the 2012 Iditarod Training Pool and their sponsors at:

FiveSibesMom said...

And what a great cast of characters it is! Love following you on Facebook too! This was a great post!

Mary, Addie, Pitch, Tie and the puppies said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

ramodeborah said...

I enjoyed all of it because all of you and your hard work made it possible to be able to great job well done I'm happy to meet you all and be able to do it. All from my phone

Starla said...

You have by far the most entertaining blog of all the kennels!! Great recap.