Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fat Biking Fun - Bet

Yes, there is such a thing as a Fat Bike and the Musher and Richard got to try them out on the snow covered trails recently.

In case you don't know what Fat Bikes are (and you really should get out of the house more), they are off-road bicycles with really big tires (or as Richard pronounces it: tyres).  These bikes with glandular problems are all the rage in Anchorage and the craze is spreading to that country with a bunch of states below Canada.

A "Fat bike"
One of the reasons the Musher wanted to try these out is because that's how she got into shape for the Iditarod: Wii Gold's Gym Active and bike riding.  The problem is that the sandy trails around Perryvale make it really hard to ride a bike.  Frankly I'm fine with the sandy trails.  I love how comforting it is when the sand squishes between my little delicate toes like a warm cushion as I run beside her on the bike.  Ok, frankly I'd prefer to ride in a little basket in the front like that dog Toto in the Wizard of Oz (or as Richard pronounces it: Wyzard of Oz).

Having a bike with big fat tires allows it to glide over squishy surfaces like sand and snow.

There's more information about these bloated wheeled contraptions in this article, including pictures of people using them to go down the Happy River Steps (yeah, good luck with that one)

So, the Musher and Richard found some to borrow and hit the trails recently.

Here is the Musher effortlessly gliding over the snowy snow stuffs... and things on her Fat Bike.

They tried some tougher very snowy trails as well, just to see how easy it was with the bigger wheels.

Here is Richard posing on top of a hill.

The Musher claims that the bikes would be perfect for those icky sandy trails that she was biking on, and they both had a good time testing it out in the wilds of Alaska...

Until they were attacked by crazed ninjas.

- Bet


SAY said...

Who are you? You are so funny.

Teanna said...

Bwaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(I want fat bike...)

Steve said...

Rychard is funny

Janet B said...

Where is Irving when you need him to tinkle on a defeated foe??

Janet - Sheba's Hu-Mom

Wild Dingo said...

bike ninjas? say it isn't so!
As an avid cyclist myself, I applaud you doing it in snow. even I, a cycling nut, won't go out in snow... you're da bomb!

now, you just need some curly tails to hook up via "Walky Dog" so they can get a work out... ever see one of those? i know lots of sibe owners who use them for their sibes. i haven't tried mine yet though...