Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Together Again

Not everyone is aware that once you get your dog team to Nome, the only way out of town (other then turning around and running them back to Willow) is a 2+ hour flight to Anchorage.
The logistics of getting the team home can be very daunting. Some years we have been stuck in town till the Thursday following the banquet.
This year we lucked out and managed to snag a flight for Richard, the dogs and I all yesterday - and even on the same plane!! Excellent!!!

Thanks to Alaska Airlines employee and blog follower Debbie for all her help unloading dogs and getting them tucked into their dog truck.
By 9 pm they were all in 'their' dog yard in Willow.

Today was a day of rest, recovery and catching up that was enjoyed by all!!






Wifi attending to his toes.





It's great to have the whole team back together again!!!!


Starla said...

Getting all of you on the same flight is a very big score. Enjoy your resting time and the trip home.

mgailt said...

I just want to say "WELL DONE" to Karen and the North Wapiti Pretty Sled Dogs! Congratulations on a successful finish to the 2012 Iditarod!

Sparkee Spud said...

So very glad everything has gone well for Karen, the team, Richard, and all the other Musher Minions. I have rather enjoyed this years Iditarod thansk to all the updates, blog posts, photos, etc. I hope this becomes the "usual" in the future! It was great to experience it that way.

Anonymous said...

So happy you are all together again. Those are some content faces on the greatest group of beautiful Iditarod finishing sibes. You have so much to be proud of & thankful for. Glad the plane trip back worked out so easily for all.
Yeah team North Wapiti!
Sitka & his Mom, Lisa (Cols.OH)

Unknown said...

Playing Twister really wore out poor Irving!

Belle, with a side of courage said...

Oh, Bet...did you notice Wifi giving himself a toe massage?

Susan said...

Great run Karen. So glad all are back together. When will you leave for home? I just love the pretty harnesses with their names on them. Does your blogger have one of her own also?

Caron said...

So Proud of you all completing the Iditarod :-) Was awesome to watch you all and super glad everyone all back together again :-)