Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pizza, latte guzzling, gas fund sponsors - Bet

We wanted to thank all of you that donated to the "Get the Musher a Peace On Earth Pizza pizza in Unalakleet with some left over for latte guzzling and perhaps some gas" fund during the Iditarod!

In our rush to report, we were unable to find the time to properly thank all of you, so we wanted to do that now.

Thank you for helping the Musher get her large half greek half "works" pizza in Unalakleet, enough for a few Starbucks now that she's in Nome, and a little gas money for the trip back to Perryvale:

Anke Frerichs-Hemp
Nancy Perry
Linda Birchall
Lisa Myers
Alison Ballie
Vincent Verna
Kim Brownell
Barbara Branham
Nanette Morgan
Ann Conser and Bongo
JoAnn Gulaska
LaRita Skipper
Kim and Ryan, Shumonitu Siberian Huskies and Australian Koolies
Angie Hoth
Tammy Taylor
Teresa Barnes
Paulette Jones
Jenny Becker
Barbara Bennett
Cheryl Dawson
Marlene Phillips
Jenifer Maksin
Sandra Stealey
Morna Murray
Colleen Pitcher
Patricia Schue
David Lavsa
Allyson Gary
Helen Smith
Diana Miller
Deborah Custer
Norvin Morrow
Karen Ernest
Laura Slay
Cathy Popp-McKenna
Dorothy Haley
Kathleen Shuman

Pretty Curly Tail Fans are THE BEST fans in the world!

- Bet

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