Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Race Starts Today - Bet

Ok everybodies!  The real race starts today!  WOOHOOO!

I'll be doing the same thing as yesterday; posting pictures to the Facebooks and the blog as quickly as they come in.   Like the Ceremonial start, there will be one blog entry for the pictures that come in from the Race Start, so just keep checking back throughout the start for pictures and hit refresh to see the new pictures as they get posted.

I'm saving all of the questions to answer for later when the Musher and the Pretty Curly Tails are on the trail and it gets all boring and worrisome while we wait for updates.  I also have even MORE pictures and stuffs to blog about to keep everybodies entertained while we wait it out.

The Race starts at 2pm Alaska time.  Here is a link for you to figure out what time that will be in your timezone.

The Musher and Pretty Curly Tails leave the start chute at 3:48pm Alaska Time.

Once again, here is the link that has oodles of places to watch, see, and follow the Race as it happens.

We also just learned that the route WILL go through the Happy River Steps.

I've manned the Border Collie Broadcasting Center (BCBC) the nerve of the Pretty Curly Tail reporting headquarters to make sure that we get the most up-to-date information and things and stuffs as they happen to keep all of you wonderful fans informed.

- Bet


Anonymous said...

Bet - you are just too funny. How about a contest of guess how many bunnies there will be by the time Karen gets to Nome?
Mary in Oregon

Susan & Rascal, BC said...

I'm glad to see the map. Bet, you really are one happening Border Collie. Thanks for your non-ending updates and great snaps. You make my life easier when following Musher karen.