Thursday, 29 March 2012

Adventure Dog - Bet

Its been 21 months (in dog years) since they left, and this whole waiting for the drop bag things is irritating.  According to the Musher, they should have all of their stuffs and things and plan to leave tomorrow before noon.  I can't wait. 

After moping around the house all this time waiting for the Musher, Richard, and the Pretty Curly Tail team to arrive home, I realized that being alone while Musher Mark was at work was actually the perfect opportunity for me to go have some adventures.

After all, the Musher and Richard and Team Pretty Curly Tails were all having fun adventures in Alaska and all, why couldn't I make the best of it and find my own adventures here?

From past experience, I knew that Pyr-joring wasn't going to be very exciting.

MUSH!!!  MUSH!!!!

I didn't have the proper ensemble to go skiing, I can't ride a bicycle (bloated wheels or not), and Musher Mark took the only vehicle... well, other than that 4-wheeled off road monstrosity thingie.

I happened to catch a show on one of the tv channels that showed people leaping off cliffs and bridges tethered to flexible cords and I thought... HEY!  I can do that.  We have plenty of bungee cordy thingies, and the roof is plenty tall, I can bungee jump off the roof and have Bait take a picture to post it on the Facebooks to show the Musher and Richard that I'm also doing fun things while they are gone.  I don't want them to worry that I'm fretting myself into a frazzle, and I really have to do something about the rut I've created by running around the dog yard, although during the spring thaw it'll make an excellent moat.

So I gathered all of the bungee thingies I could find in the house and stationed Bait at the perfect camera angle to capture the whole adventure for the Facebooks and went for broke...

Its a good thing I tested it on Tic before I tried it.  Apparently I didn't exactly measure the bungee cord stuffs long enough and everything.  I thought it was going to stretch a lot more.

That's ok, Musher Mark will be home from work in a few hours and get Tic down.  I'm pretty sure he's not going to be happy about all of the scratch marks on the siding, but hey, that's not my problem.

- Bet


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SAY said...

LOL, you are pretty sure he won't like it. Is that what you said??

Shirly said...

Bet you are so funny I just love the picture.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. I thinks this boredom and stuffs is becoming a bit too much for you, Bet. Maybe you need a kitten to occupy you.